Diversity and equality

Treat all colleagues with dignity and respect in an inclusive and fair working environment. Promote equality of opportunity for all, not only within Ofcom but also the sectors we regulate.

At Ofcom we are determined to do all we can to promote diversity and equality inside our organisation and in the wider sectors we regulate.

Diversity and equality are fundamental to Ofcom achieving its organisational purpose of making communications work for everyone. To help us with our work in promoting choice, securing standards and preventing harm, we need to make the best decisions for all UK consumers and citizens. To do this, it is essential that all levels of our organisation are diverse and foster an inclusive culture. We will achieve this by adopting our values:

  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Agility
  • Empowerment
  • Respect

The Diversity and Inclusion strategy explains how diversity and equality are essential to the way we operate, both as an employer and as the UK's communications regulator. It outlines our priority areas of work, including our workforce diversity targets and vision as an organisation.

To help us determine the strategic priorities and objectives within the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy we produce an annual Diversity Report on the profile of Ofcom colleagues and processes.

We monitor our policies and practices extensively through colleague surveys, external benchmarking and a biennial equal pay audit. External benchmarking services allow us to compare our business processes to industry best practice, and to understand how well we are performing in our activities to promote diversity in employment.

Regular diversity updates are given to the Ofcom Board and Policy Management Board on the progress of various initiatives under the Diversity and Equality work programmes.

Older reports can be found in the National Archives.