Business Connectivity Market Review: Consultation on Data Analysis

  • Start: 08 October 2014
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 19 November 2014

This document is an interim consultation within Ofcom’s current Business Connectivity Market Review (BCMR). The BCMR looks at competition in the supply of leased lines, which we have historically defined as dedicated and symmetric fixed line connections purchased by businesses.

In order to inform our analysis we look at:

  • the extent to which BT’s competitors have laid their own networks in different parts of the UK (“network reach” analysis); and
  • the shares of different types of leased lines that BT and its competitors supply (“service share” analysis).

These analyses are reliant on the collection and processing of large amounts of data from Communications Providers, which we have been gathering over the past several months. In this document we set out for consultation an explanation of the data we have requested and the methodologies, assumptions and judgments we have used to check and clean that data. We also present an indicative set of network reach and service share calculations in order to assist stakeholders in commenting on this data collection and processing exercise.

The comments we receive in response to this consultation will improve our ability to present informed analyses of service share and network reach in our main consultation, which we currently expect to publish in Spring 2015.

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