Wholesale charges for Number Translation Services and Premium Rate Services

  • Start: 28 July 2009
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 29 September 2009

Following requests from stakeholders, Ofcom has extended the deadline for responding to its consultation on Wholesale Charges for Number Translation Services and Premium Rate Services: NTS Retail Uplift Charge Control and PRS Bad Debt Surcharge by three weeks. The deadline for responses is now 29 September 2009.

Also in response to a stakeholder request, Ofcom has made a version of the charge control model available with confidential information redacted. The model is available on request from catherine.galvin@ofcom.org.uk

Main documents

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4D.pdf (PDF File, 2.2 MB) Individual
AIME.pdf (PDF File, 43.9 KB) Individual
annexesa_b.pdf (PDF File, 317.3 KB) Individual
BT.pdf (PDF File, 57.8 KB) Individual
cw_redacted.pdf (PDF File, 284.3 KB) Individual
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