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Ofcom is an evidence-based regulator. Market research is important to us and many of our decisions are informed by research evidence.

Our research helps keep us, and you, informed about new technology developments and the impact they might have on the sectors that we regulate.




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Cysylltu'r Gwledydd 2019: Data rhyngweithiol - Ofcom

  • Data
  • Ymchwil

Interactive visualisation of data from Connected Nations 2019.


Cysylltu'r Gwledydd 2019: Lawrlwythiadau data - Ofcom

  • Data

We have made some of the data that underpins the Connected Nations report available for download.


Cysylltu'r Gwledydd 2019 - Ofcom

  • Ymchwil

Ein hadroddiad 2019 ar seilwaith cyfathrebiadau'r DU.


Cysylltu'r Gwledydd 2019: Prif Adroddiad - Ofcom

  • Ymchwil

Dyma grynodeb blynyddol manwl gan Ofcom a ddarpariaeth y rhwydweithiau band eang a symudol yn y DU.


Adroddiadau’r cenhedloedd - Ofcom

  • Ymchwil

Adroddiadau am seilwaith cyfathrebiadau Cymru, Lloegr, Gogledd Iwerddon a'r Alban


Diweddariadau monitro blynyddol ar y farchnad bost - Ofcom

  • Data
  • Ymchwil

19 Rhagfyr 2019

An effective and ongoing monitoring regime is one of the key safeguards of the regulatory framework that Ofcom put in place in the UK postal sector in March 2012


Download numbering data - Ofcom

  • Data

19 Rhagfyr 2019

We publish data on which UK telephone numbers are available for allocation or are allocated, and lists of codes for use in number porting and other administrative tasks.


AMR 2018-19 Interactive Data - Ofcom

  • Ymchwil

19 Rhagfyr 2019

Key data on the postal sector for the 2018-19 financial year.


Cyhoeddiadau ymchwil - Ofcom

  • Ymchwil


Telecoms and pay-TV complaints data - Ofcom

  • Ymchwil

Telecoms Complaints Data


Defnyddio newyddion yn y DU - adroddiadau - Ofcom

  • Ymchwil

21 Tachwedd 2019

This report provides key findings from Ofcom’s 2019 research into news consumption across television, radio, print and online.


Spectrum Assurance analysis of BT Openreach VDSL - Ofcom

  • Ymchwil

21 Tachwedd 2019

This report summarises our field surveys researching the alleged interference to radio reception caused by the deployment of very high-bit-rate digital subscriber line (VDSL) technology by BT Openreach.


Telecoms and pay-TV complaints interactive data - Ofcom

  • Data

19 Tachwedd 2019

This interactive data is a supplement to our Q2 (April to June) 2017 report on telecoms and pay-TV complaints.


Diweddariad Cysylltu'r Gwledydd: Haf 2019 - Ofcom

  • Data
  • Ymchwil

04 Tachwedd 2019

Dyma'n diweddariad Haf diweddaraf ni ar y cynnydd yn y ddarpariaeth band eang a symudol yn y DU a'i wledydd ers Cysylltu'r Gwledydd 2018.


Television and on-demand programme services: Access services report Jan - July 2019 - Ofcom

  • Ymchwil

30 Hydref 2019

This report sets out the extent to which on-demand programme services carried subtitles, audio description or signing in the first six months of 2019.


Ofcom's second Performance Report on the BBC: Interactive data - Ofcom

  • Data

24 Hydref 2019


Mobile and smartphones - Ofcom

  • Data
  • Ymchwil

Our research investigates the range of mobile options available to consumers, in terms of different providers and opportunities for enhanced performance.


Interactive report 2019 - Ofcom

  • Data

10 Hydref 2019

Interactive data for our first Mobile Matters publication.


Materion symudol - Ofcom

  • Ymchwil

10 Hydref 2019

Ofcom has researched consumers’ behaviour and experience of using mobile services in the UK by analysing crowdsourced data collected from Android devices.


Radio broadcast update August 2019 - Ofcom

  • Data

03 Medi 2019

This monthly update provides information about Ofcom’s broadcast radio licensing activity with regard to both the commercial and community radio sectors.