Content (international work) Copy

28 July 2010

We aim to contribute constructively to the implementation and development of European legislation and non-legislative initiatives that impact on our duties and responsibilities as the content regulator, and affects UK citizens and consumers...

We do so by engaging with the European institutions and with national regulators in other European countries and around the world, both bilaterally and through regulatory networks.

We are active members of European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) and have been actively participating in European Regulators Group for Audio-visual Media Services (ERGA) since its creation in 2014.

Our engagement helps us to pursue a coherent and coordinated approach to international audio-visual regulation in particular in relation to the following:

Review of the AVMS

Other issues

  • Non-legislative initiatives on issues such as online protection of minors, media pluralism, data protection and privacy, e-commerce, network and information security and cloud computing.