Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Radio broadcast update January 2019

05 Chwefror 2019

Analogue commercial radio

Licence 'pre-advertisements'

Ofcom has today invited declarations of intent to apply for the following FM local commercial radio licence. Please click on the ‘area’ in the first column for further detail on the pre-advertisements:

Area/current licensee (station) Current expiry Proposed expiry date following re-award Closing date for declarations of intent
Southend / Radio Essex Ltd (Radio Essex) (PDF, 162.4 KB) 28 March 2020 28 March 2032 3pm Tuesday 26 February 2019
Warwick / Touch Warwick Ltd (Touch FM) (PDF, 163.0 KB) 03 April 2020 03 April 2032 3pm Tuesday 26 February 2019

Invitations to apply under fast-track

Ofcom has received one declaration for the following licence, from the current licensee. We are therefore inviting the incumbent licensee to re-apply for the licence under the ‘fast track’ procedure as set out in Ofcom’s guidelines:

Area (station) Current Licensee
Hertford (Bob FM) Shadow Radio Holdings Limited


Ofcom has announced that it has re-awarded the following local FM commercial radio licence to the current licensee. The licence has been re-awarded under Ofcom’s ‘fast-track’ process, as set out in published guidelines, and will be for a period of 12 years from the current expiry date:

Area (station) Current licensee Current expiry date
Blackpool (Radio Wave) talkSPORT Limited 24 May 2019
Bridgwater & West Somerset (The Breeze) Celador Radio Ltd 03 July 2019
Newbury (The Breeze) Celador Radio Ltd 24 May 2019

Licence renewals granted in this period

A 12 year renewal has been granted to the following:

Area (station) Current licensee
Exeter (Radio Exe) Radio Exe Limited

A seven year renewal has been granted to the following:

Area (station) Current licensee

Yorkshire (Capital)

Galaxy Radio Yorkshire Limited

Analogue station Format Changes

Each station has as part of its licence, a ‘Format’ which outlines what the essential nature of the service is and details any specific expectations of that service.

Any changes to a format can only be made by following the correct procedure and with the appropriate permission from Ofcom.

Greatest Hits Radio (Coventry)
Greatest Hits Radio (Coventry) (PDF, 219.1 KB)
Published 01|02|19

Digital radio

DAB multiplex variations

The following multiplex variations were agreed during this period:


Addition of Kisstory –  A radio service playing non-stop Old Skool and Anthems from KISS FM UK.

Removal of Absolute Radio 90s – A 90s-centric music service.

Digital One (national)

Addition of Scala Radio – An entertainment-led classical music station.

Addition of Absolute Radio 90s – A 90s-centric music service.

Removal of Kisstory – A radio service playing Non-stop Old Skool and Anthems from KISS FM UK.

Removal of Magic Chilled – A mainstream popular music service.

Removal of Heat Radio – Pop music from the late 80s to now, with celebrity gossip and entertainment news and features.

Sound Digital (national)

Addition of Magic Chilled – A mainstream popular music service.

Removal of Absolute Radio 90s – A 90s-centric music service.










Northern Ireland

South Yorkshire



Tyne & Wear

Addition of Magic Soul – A soul and pop station.




South Yorkshire

Addition of Magic Chilled – A mainstream popular music service.

London 1

Analogue community radio

Community Radio Fund - Round 2, 2018-19

The awarding Panel met on 22 January 2019 to consider the applications for Round Two, 2018-19. Issues of note arising from the Panel meeting and a summary of the grants awarded are available to see in the statement, Awards of grants 2018-19 Round 2.

The next round of funding will be Round One 2019-20, which is due to open for applications from eligible stations in April 2019. The awarding Panel will meet in June 2019 to consider the applications.

Grants can only be made to community radio licensees in the UK, who are broadcasting under a community radio licence. Applications from eligible licence-holders may be submitted in Welsh. Any application submitted in Welsh will be treated no less favourably than an application submitted in English.

For further information, please contact:

Coverage improvement and extension requests

During 2018, Ofcom invited community radio stations to submit requests for coverage improvements and extensions if they wished. During the last month the services listed below have had their requests provisionally agreed, subject to the new technical arrangements going through our usual formal clearance process (this includes Ofcom liaising with a number of outside agencies before changes can be implemented).

Service nameLocation
Andover Radio Andover, Hants
Angel Radio Isle of Wight Newport, Isle of Wight
Exmouth Air Radio Exmouth, Devon
Kennet Radio Newbury and Thatcham, Berks
Phonic FM Exeter, Devon
Rhondda Radio Rhondda Valleys, Rhondda Cynon Taf
shmuFM Aberdeen
Voice FM Southampton
Witney Radio Witney, Oxon

Please note: Ofcom received over 130 requests in total for an improvement or an extension from existing community radio stations. It will take us some time to complete all the work required to assess each one; we are dealing first with requests for improvements before we turn to extension requests.

The success of an application is, amongst other things, dependent on frequency availability and whether there may be an increase in harmful outgoing interference to other stations. In every case we need to take account of other services (community, commercial and BBC) on the same frequency or an adjacent one to yours (or to a frequency that we may be considering for a relay). Please see the guidance document(PDF, 325.1 KB) for further information.

If a technical change is possible, in each case we will consider whether the request is in line with the requirements we set out in the guidance, including the statutory criteria, as part of our process. We will get back to each applicant in due course, by email.

Technical Parameters for Broadcast Radio

The latest list of on-air parameters for all MF, VHF and DAB transmitters is available on the website.

Please note: that we have reverted to the original naming convention for the files.

Licences issued in this period

Service nameLicenseeLocation
Carillon Radio (AM) Carillon Broadcasting Limited West Leicestershire
Radio Seerah Seerah Academy (Radio Seerah) Inner-city Leicester
Sunshine Be FM Belfast Limited Belfast

Licence extensions granted in this period

A five year extension has been granted to the following:

Service nameLicenseeLocation New expiry date
Blast 106 BLAST 106 Limited Belfast 07 July 2024
Celtic Music Radio Celtic Music Radio Limited Glasgow 30 June 2024
KCC Live MissionNeed Limited Knowsley, Merseyside 17 July 2024
North Manchester FM North Manchester FM Community Interest Company Manchester North 05 July 2024

Services which have ceased to be licensed (handed back or revoked) in this period

Service nameLicenseeLocationReason
An Radio / An Rèidio Uist Radio Ltd Outer Hebrides, Scotland Licence surrender
Radio Glan Clwyd Glan Clwyd AM Ltd Bodelwyddan, Wales Licence surrender

Key Commitments changes

Each station has as part of its licence, ‘Key Commitments’ which outline what the essential nature of the service is and details any specific expectations of that service. Licensees may request changes to a station’s Key Commitments. Information about the process, as well as an application form, are on our website.

Changes to Key Commitments agreed in this period:

Hitmix Radio
Hitix Radio (PDF, 574.4 KB)
Published 01|02|19

Radio Panj
Radio Panj (PDF, 546.7 KB)
Published 04|01|19