3G and 2G switch-off

08 September 2023

The UK’s mobile network providers will switch off their 3G and then 2G networks over the next few years. Here you’ll find information and our advice for industry.

The UK’s mobile network operators have confirmed to the Government that they do not intend to offer 2G and 3G mobile networks past 2033 at the latest. This will support the roll-out of the 4G and 5G networks which will offer faster and more reliable services for customers. The operators are making their own decisions on the timing and process of the switch-offs, and they all plan to switch off their 3G networks first.

The switch-off will affect customers using older mobile devices and services – most customers already have 4G (and increasingly 5G) capable devices and their services won’t be affected.

Our role and what we expect of mobile providers

While Ofcom does not have a formal role in the switch-off process, we want to ensure that customers are treated fairly and can continue to access the services they need.

With that in mind, we have set out how we expect MNOs to approach the switching off of their services in the following document. This document also sets out the relevant regulatory requirements that providers will need to meet during this process.

3G and 2G switch-off: Our expectations of mobile providers (PDF, 284.4 KB)

Diffodd 3G a 2G: Ein disgwyliadau o ran darparwyr symudol (PDF, 301.6 KB)