Making Sense of Media Network

Making sense of mediaAlongside Ofcom’s Making Sense of Media Advisory Panel, our Making Sense of Media Network was set up in July 2019. We currently have over 250 network members, across a range of organisations in the UK and internationally. The aim is to increase collaboration, information-sharing and debate to improve media literacy in the UK.

We want to collaborate with you to explore how the media literacy activities we are all undertaking can best work together. We want to use our research and insights from across sectors as a foundation for developing the most effective initiatives and to inform media literacy policy. We want the network to continue to build and share evidence of UK adults’ and children’s understanding and use of electronic media.

What are the benefits of being part of the network?

By signing up to the network, you’ll:

  • be invited to and participate in events showcasing the latest media literacy research, facilitating media literacy discussion, collaboration and activity across the UK;
  • contribute to regular Making Sense of Media Bulletins that summarise media literacy activities by a range of organisations in the UK and overseas. These activities include research, events, projects and initiatives;
  • participate in network working groups .

How can I sign up?

We aim to get as many new and existing Ofcom stakeholders with an interest in media literacy to join the network. You do not need to have a formal role in media literacy to join our network. Whether you simply want to hear more about media literacy activities and research, or you’re keen to take a more active role in discussions, events or working groups, we would like you to be part of the network.

We would love to hear from you and hope that you will sign up to our network by completing this online form.

If you would like more information on any of Ofcom’s Making Sense of Media work, please email us