Pricing trends for communications services

17 May 2018

This report looks at pricing trends for residential phone, broadband and TV services in the UK. It examines the prices of standalone and bundled services currently available, and what consumers actually pay for these services.

It also looks at how consumers engage with the market, including their understanding of usage levels, contract lengths, and promotional prices.  It illustrates how the prices paid by engaged consumers (those who shop around and are aware of their contractual status), who are currently within a minimum contract period, differ from prices paid by consumers outside a minimum contractual period.

The report also includes the results of our consumer engagement research, which looked at the reasons why consumers may not engage with the market.

Pricing trends for communications services in the UK (PDF, 2.5 MB) 17 May 2018

Tueddiadau o ran prisiau gwasanaethau cyfathrebu yn y Deyrnas Unedig (PDF, 239.7 KB) 17 May 2018