Pricing trends for communications services

15 March 2017

This report outlines Ofcom's research into trends in the pricing of residential communications services in the UK. It includes a review of prices available to consumers buying different standalone and bundled services and a summary of what consumers, on average, actually pay for these services. It also looks at the complexity of tariffs and how the prices paid by engaged consumers (i.e. those who shop around and find the best tariff for their needs) vary from those paid by unengaged consumers who are more likely to pay standard or ‘list’ prices.

The report also presents the results of our consumer research looking at levels of consumer engagement in the communications market, awareness of usage and the extent to which consumers engage with their bills.

Pricing trends for communications services in the UK (PDF, 1.3 MB) 15 Mar 2017

Dogfen Ymchwil: Adroddiad ar brisiau - Crynodeb gweithredol  (PDF, 301.1 KB) 15 Mar 2017