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How Ofcom is run

Ofcom Board

Ofcom’s main decision making body is the Board, which provides strategic direction for the organisation.
It has a Non-Executive Chairman, Executive Directors (including the Chief Executive), and Non-Executive Directors.
The Executive runs the organisation and answers to the Board.
The Ofcom Board meets a least once a month (with the exception of August). Agendas, summary, notes and minutes of meetings are published regularly on the Ofcom website.

Executive Committee (ExCo)

Exco is Ofcom’s senior executive team. It meets each month and is responsible for setting Ofcom’s direction and overseeing the management of the organisation.

Policy Executive (PE)

PE meets weekly and is responsible for the development of Ofcom’s overall regulatory agenda. As well as providing a forum for discussion, it also has the powers to take certain decisions itself.

Spectrum Clearance and Awards Programme Management Board

The Spectrum Clearance and Awards Management Board meets bi-monthly and oversees Ofcom’s Spectrum Clearance and Award Programme for the longer term release of the 700 MHz band, achieving efficient use from returned Home Office spectrum and TV White Spaces.

Operations Board

The Operations Board manages the operations areas within Ofcom including Central Operations, which deals with thousands of consumers each week through its advisory, consumer services and licensing teams.
The role of the Operations Board is to support, guide and challenge Ofcom’s operational performance. It meets fortnightly and reports directly to ExCo.

Content Board

The Content Board is a committee of the main Board and it sets and enforces quality and standards for television and radio.
It has members representing each of the countries in the UK, and includes both lay members and members with extensive broadcasting experience.
It is charged with understanding, analysing and championing the voices and interest of the viewer, the listener and citizen.


The work of both the Ofcom Board and Executive is informed by the contribution of a number of committees and advisory bodies, which are required by the Communications Act.

These include the Communications Consumer Panel, the England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales Advisory Committees, the Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board and the Older Persons and Disabled Persons Advisory Committee

Ofcom in the Nations and Regions

Ofcom has a statutory duty to take into account in its decisions the views and interests of those who live in different parts of the UK.

Our operations in the Nations are led by a senior Director in Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast and London. An advisory committee in each Nation provides Ofcom with detailed and expert insights into the particular challenges faced by citizens and consumers in different parts of the UK.

Policies and Guidelines

Annual reports and plans

Organisations we work with

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If you want advice from Ofcom please visit our advice pages or call us on 0300 123 3333 or 020 7981 3040.
We are open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Annual Report 2012 – 13

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Annual Report 2012-13