The Operating Framework

As required under the BBC’s Royal Charter, Ofcom has developed an 'Operating Framework' for the BBC, covering regulation of the BBC’s performance, compliance with content standards and impact on competition.

This page gathers together the different parts of the Operating Framework.

Key documents

Operating licence

The Operating Licence sets the regulatory conditions that Ofcom considers appropriate for requiring the BBC to fulfil its Mission and promote the Public Purposes.

Consolidated version of the Operating Licence as of 27 March 2018 (PDF, 625.7 KB)

Original version of the Operating Licence issued on 13 October 2017 (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Summary of regulatory conditions (PDF, 597.1 KB)

The operating framework

The Operating Framework contains the provisions that Ofcom considers appropriate to secure the effective regulation of the BBC’s activities set out in the Charter and Agreement.

Introduction to Ofcom’s Operating Framework for the BBC (PDF, 600.5 KB)

Operating framework - Setting and amending the Licence (PDF, 390.8 KB)

Operating framework - Setting and amending performance measures (PDF, 585.1 KB)

Welsh language

These documents are also available in Welsh.