Broadband speeds research

Research on fixed line home broadband speeds, mobile broadband performance, and related research.

Update 22 February 2021 – Reporting and data collection timings

We are proposing to change our home broadband performance reporting in 2021. Specifically, we propose that:

  1. we do not publish a narrative report and CSV chart data covering November 2020, and that we only publish an interactive report and the CSV of summary panellist-level data;
  2. we publish a report based on tests run in March 2021 instead of one based on tests run in May 2021; and
  3. the report covering tests run in March 2021 includes the narrative report and the associated CSV chart data. This is in addition to an interactive report and panellist-level data CSV.

We are currently consulting on these changes, as required by the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007. If these changes would affect you, please contact by 1 March 2021.