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Measurement framework for media plurality: Ofcom’s advice to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

  • Dechrau: 11 Mawrth 2015
  • Statws: Datganiad a gyhoeddwyd
  • Diwedd: 20 Mai 2015

About this document

Ofcom has been asked by the Secretary of State (Culture, Media and Sport) to develop a measurement framework for media plurality. This framework can be used to assess media plurality in the UK and in each of the nations. We have prepared the framework in line with the scope set out by the Secretary of State in his request for this advice. We have taken into account the views of stakeholders through both an initial call for inputs as well as a consultation on a draft framework. This document sets out our framework, gives the background to its development and how it relates to work we have done in the past.

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