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Ofcom consultation on the UK preparations for the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15)

  • Dechrau: 27 Mehefin 2014
  • Statws: Datganiad a gyhoeddwyd
  • Diwedd: 19 Medi 2014

Ofcom has published an update on the key issues to be considered at the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC).

WRCs are held approximately every four years and take key decisions concerning the identification and international harmonisation of spectrum bands.

Under a Government direction, Ofcom represents the UK at WRCs. The next conference takes place in Geneva from the 2 - 27 November 2015. It will consider a wide range of issues across a number of sector interests, including mobile broadband, maritime, aeronautical, satellite and science use of spectrum.

Today’s update follows a consultation in June 2014 and is intended to inform the on-going preparation process and stakeholder engagement programme. We provide updated UK positions, taking into account the responses from the consultation.

In a number of cases, however, further work will be required to develop the UK position and we may publish another WRC update closer to the start of the conference.

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