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Consultation: Sam FM (Bristol) – Request to change Format

  • Dechrau: 16 Hydref 2020
  • Statws: Ar gau
  • Diwedd: 13 Tachwedd 2020

CRB Audio Limited wishes to amend its Format such that the character of service applying to its Bristol licence, which broadcasts as ‘Sam FM’, would change from:

“An adult alternative station playing adult-oriented album tracks, classic rock and predominantly non-contemporary pop/rock hits, with particular appeal for 35-59 year olds, with 24-hour news.”


“A station playing current hits and the best hits from the past 20 years with local news and information appealing to a 25-44 year-old audience in the Bristol area.”

Ofcom understands that the station would, if the request is granted, be rebranded as ‘Hits Radio’.

We have taken a preliminary view on the request and are minded to grant it. However, we are seeking views on the request before we make a decision. The consultation closes at 5pm on 13 November 2020.

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Responder name Type
Clews, N (PDF File, 105.0 KB) Individual
Hockenhull, S (PDF File, 49.9 KB) Individual
Hole, A (PDF File, 142.4 KB) Individual
Liu, J (PDF File, 135.6 KB) Individual
Name withheld 1 (PDF File, 133.1 KB) Individual