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Telephone number application form

  • Dechrau: 18 Rhagfyr 2013
  • Statws: Datganiad a gyhoeddwyd
  • Diwedd: 31 Ionawr 2014

This document is about the application form that communications providers must complete when applying for an allocation of telephone numbers from Ofcom (including an allocation of numbers transferred from another communications provider).

In preparation for our move to a new online system for managing the UK’s telephone numbers, we consulted in December 2013 on a new application form which made some modifications to the information that we request from communications providers as part of the application process.

Having considered the responses to our consultation, we have decided to introduce the new application form setting out the modifications to the information requested as proposed in the December 2013 consultation, with some adjustments in response to stakeholders’ comments in order to clarify the information requested. The new form will come into use on 8 December 2014.

The changes being made to the application form do not affect consumers’ use of numbers or our policy on how numbers may be used.

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