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11 Mai 2015

'Coordinated' means that the Licence schedule will specify the exact frequency, the location and the dates of use. Coordinating the frequency ensures the best opportunity to avoid an interaction between your assignments and other radio users, including television services and others operating wireless microphones.

It could, for example, be a short term assignment for a few hours use at an outside broadcast or similar short term event; an assignment for several days or weeks at a theatre for a touring show; or an annual assignment for on-going, regular use at a fixed site. Please note, annual assignments are only available to the owner / permanent occupier of the site.

470 - 790 MHz

These frequencies are shared with TV broadcasting on the understanding that there is no impact on households' TV reception. In certain parts of the country a range of frequencies may be used without a problem, whilst in other parts of the country those same frequencies will be unavailable to protect households' TV reception nearby. They may also be completely unusable due to interference from the same TV transmissions.

A limited number of VHF frequencies can similarly be assigned on a coordinated basis.

Some channels in the 470 - 790 MHz range are currently being reviewed by Ofcom for other uses.

1785-1800 MHz

Available for analogue and digital microphones based on 10mW or 50mW if body worn. These bookings need to be coordinated with PMSE so an application will need to be completed and sent in.