Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

All uses of radio spectrum generate electromagnetic fields (EMF) and there are internationally agreed guidelines to help ensure services operate in a way that will not adversely affect health. These guidelines are published by the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and include limits on EMF exposure for the protection of the general public. We refer to these limits as the “general public EMF limits”.

To ensure spectrum users continue to operate services which will not adversely affect peoples’ health, we have now incorporated the general public EMF limits into the vast majority of radiocommunications licences (which we also refer to as spectrum licences).

On these pages you will find information on how to comply with Ofcom’s rules on EMF. This includes an EMF calculator which you can use to assess compliance.

General Notice of Final Decision on Licence Variation

On 18 May 2021, we published our General Notice of Final Decision (PDF, 753.8 KB). This General Notice gives the vast majority of licensees formal notice of our final decision to vary their radiocommunications licence(s). The final decision requires licensees to comply with the general public EMF limits and keep records demonstrating compliance. This final decision contains important information and licensees should read it carefully.

The publication of the Final Decision follows our earlier publication – on 1 March 2021 – of a General Notice of Proposal to Vary, giving licensees formal notice of the proposal to vary their licences.

How to comply with new EMF rules

Please visit one of the following pages for more information on Ofcom’s EMF rules:

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