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Statement: Making switching easier and more reliable for consumers

  • Dechrau: 29 Gorffennaf 2016
  • Statws: Datganiad a gyhoeddwyd
  • Diwedd: 21 Hydref 2016

About this document

It is important for consumers to be able to switch providers easily and reliably so that they can exercise their choice of provider and take advantage of competition in the communications sector.

This document sets out our provisional view on the difficulties consumers currently experience when they switch, or consider switching, one or more triple play services (landline, fixed broadband and pay TV) between the Openreach, KCOM, Virgin cable and Sky satellite platforms. It also sets out our provisional assessment of options for reform to reduce these difficulties and deterrents, making switching easier and more reliable for consumers. It takes into account evidence we have gathered from consumer research, complaints and stakeholders.

We invite comments on our proposals from all interested parties.


Please note: the following documents are due to be published the week commencing 1 August 2016: A plain English summary of the consultation document, the 2016 loss of service data tables and the 2015 BDRC triple play omnibus tables.

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