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List of wholesale call termination providers and ISDN30 charge control clarification

  • Dechrau: 22 Awst 2017
  • Statws: Ar gau
  • Diwedd: 22 Medi 2017

This document invites stakeholder comments on our revised proposed list of telecoms providers that have significant market power (SMP) in wholesale call termination (WCT) and our proposal to include an additional service in our proposed wholesale ISDN30 charge control.

In our 2016 Narrowband Market Review (NMR) consultation, we published our proposals for the future regulation of five wholesale markets that underpin the delivery of fixed voice telephone services to consumers.

Those wholesale markets include fixed wholesale call termination (WCT), an arrangement where one telecoms provider charges another provider for terminating calls on their network.

In our 2016 NMR consultation, we published a list of providers of WCT services that we proposed have SMP. We are now consulting on an amended version of that list.

The 2016 NMR consultation proposed services for inclusion in the wholesale ISDN30 charge control . We omitted an ISDN30 service (direct dial inward planning service) from the draft legal instrument for the proposed ISDN30 charge control. In this document, we propose to include this additional service.

We will take responses to this further consultation into account before reaching our final conclusions and publishing our statement on the review later in 2017.

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